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Alexa Bell

Brandy Alexa Bell

Alexa Bell joined Flaherty Defense Firm in November, 2018. Even though she has only been with the Firm for a short time, she has very quickly proven herself as a very valuable member of the team, and a huge asset to our clients.

Alexa is the Legal Assistant/Receptionist at Flaherty Defense Firm. She is usually the first person that clients will talk to when they call the office. Her job is to gather information about our clients and their charges so that Mr. Flaherty is prepared for client meetings.

Equally important, Alexa understands that when someone has been arrested, they are stressed and scared about what is going to happen. Alexa is a very warm and compassionate person. She will help put you at ease and make you feel welcome. Alexa also stays in regular contact with our clients. She will keep you updated on upcoming court dates, and will schedule your meetings with Mr. Flaherty. On a personal note, Alexa is the proud mom of 2 kids. She is also planning to pursue a Paralegal degree in the coming months.

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