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Okaloosa County Drug Trafficking Lawyer

In Okaloosa County and throughout the state of Florida, law enforcement officials are zealous in prosecuting suspected cases of drug trafficking. As such, if you have been charged with drug trafficking, it’s essential that you secure the assistance of an experienced attorney who can help defend you against these charges and the incredibly serious consequences that accompany a conviction.

Why do I need to hire a lawyer?

If you are convicted of drug trafficking in Okaloosa County, you face a mandatory prison sentence as well as a permanent felony conviction on your record. As such, you need to do everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome in court. Many individuals are tempted to rely on the assistance of a public defender for their legal needs, and this is a serious mistake.

Public defenders are notoriously over-worked and may not have much experience with defending individuals accused of serious, felony offenses. By hiring a lawyer that you choose yourself, you can make sure that the person defending your rights and protecting your future has the experience and the reputation you need on your side as you fight these extremely serious charges. At Flaherty Defense Firm, we have a successful track record of defending felony drug charges, and we are ready to aggressively fight for you. You can call us day or night, 24/7, for the advice and help that you need.

Should I talk to law enforcement if I’ve been arrested for drug trafficking?

If you were arrested for drug trafficking and the police want to question you, it’s extremely important that you do not speak with them. If you’ve already been arrested, any conversation that police initiate with you is intended to help them build a case AGAINST you, and as such, anything you say will only serve to hurt you. These officials are not trying to obtain the truth about the situation, they’re trying to obtain a conviction, and talking to them only helps them in this regard. Remember, you are not required to speak with them, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to contact an attorney to speak on your behalf.

What are the potential penalties for drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking in Florida carries a mandatory MINIMUM prison sentence of 3 years, but depending on the type and amount of drugs in question, penalties could be as high as 30 years in prison, not to mention potential monetary penalties. Specific penalties for trafficking in various drugs are as follows:


400g to 150 kg: mandatory prison sentence of 15 years
200g to 399g: mandatory prison sentence of 7 years
28g to 199g: mandatory prison sentence of 3 years


28g to 150kg: mandatory prison sentence of 25 years
14g to 28g: mandatory prison sentence of 15 years
4g to 14g: mandatory prison sentence of 3 years


More than 400g: possible life sentence
200g to 399g: mandatory prison sentence of 15 years
28g to 199g: mandatory prison sentence of 7 years
14g to 27g: mandatory prison sentence of 3 years

Ecstasy (MDMA)

More than 30kg: possible life sentence
400g to 30kg: mandatory prison sentence of 15 years
200g to 399g: mandatory prison sentence of 7 years
10g to 199g: mandatory prison sentence of 3 years

How an attorney from Flaherty Defense Firm can help you

At Flaherty Defense Firm, we are committed to fighting aggressively for each and every one of our clients and to doing everything we can to protect their rights, their freedoms, and their future. If you hire our team to defend you in your drug trafficking case, we will aggressively investigate the state’s case against you, including detailed investigation of:

  • Any audio/video evidence the police collected
  • Any other possible explanation for the presence of the drugs in question
  • Testimony from any other individuals involved in the arrest
  • Any possible confidential informant
  • Any interactions with police that took place at your home or your vehicle
  • Any K-9 unit involvement
  • The validity of the search warrant used in your case

Additionally, our team will file motions to attempt to exclude certain pieces of evidence from your case.

Get the help you need by contacting an attorney today

At Flaherty Defense Firm, we know what it takes to keep people charged with drug trafficking out of prison, and we want to put this knowledge to work in your case. We are here to help you, not to judge you, so call our aggressive, experienced team any time at (850) 243-6097.

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