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Y’all are doing a great job! (excerpt from client survey)

Great Service! They always had time for me. (excerpt from client survey)

No complaints. Had the best service. (excerpt from client survey)

They mad me feel like we were his only clients. (excerpt from client survey)

I couldn’t ask for a better law firm. He fought for a better deal. (excerpt from client survey)

There’s really nothing to improve. You guys do an excellent job. (excerpt from client survey)

My calls were never left unreturned. (excerpt from client survey)

Excellent. (excerpt from client survey)

On behalf of my wife and our son Andrew, I want to thank you and your entire staff for helping us through this case. You helped us by spelling out the facts and possibilities of a serious situation my son put himself and our family into. I appreciate the lengths you went to. Although you let us know there were no guarantees, you were able to accomplish the outcome we were hoping for. The college life he is in is still a tempting environment for all kinds of trouble. We hope and pray that this mistake has taught him the potential for serious consequences. We constantly remind Andrew to make the right choices. I ask you to keep him and all of his generation in your prayers as we do.

First let me start off by saying during any stressful situation we all want to feel at ease in in any way and that’s how Mr. Flaherty and his team made me feel. I highly recommend the Flaherty Defense Team, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for Mr. Flaherty, Brittni and the whole staff. Never in a million years did I think I would need a defense attorney but needless to say being represented by this group of highly respected legal professionals made everything a lot better! Not only do they care about you as a person but they treat you with respect and as if you were part of their family. They made me feel at ease by not only being there for me but listening to me when I needed someone and being compassionate towards the situation. I promise you will be happy with the results, Tim Flaherty and his team will fight to get the outcome you want. I highly recommend you give him a call today don’t look no more, these are the team you want on your side.

I was on a family vacation with my wife and kids and a few other families when a late night mishap had me in need of a lawyer! After several attempts at some fly by night lawyers, I was praying for the right person to come my way and Brittni from Flaherty Defense Firm answered the phone. From our very first conversation to the last court date, they were there for me. I was always aware of what was going on with my case! Tim handled my case without a hitch. I hated to need their services, but will always know who to call if I need them again! Answered prayer is what they were. Professional service at all time and the girls in the office, even though I worried them to death, always treated me like I was a part of their family. So thanks to the whole crew!! Great job!!

Thank you so much for all your help. You were always so kind and professional, and always willing to help. You were a joy to talk with and I sincerely appreciate all you and Mr. Flaherty have done to help our family. I hope and pray we do not need to hire a defense attorney in the future, but if we do I will certainly be in touch. I will also refer your firm to anyone I encounter that may need legal defense assistance in your area.

I’ve lived in Northwest Florida for 17 years. Never did I expect to have to defend myself in a court of law. Well, that is where I found myself, wrongly accused, confused and feeling like there was no one to defend my side. I came across the phone number of Mr. Flaherty and his associates. From the first moment we met, they made me feel very comfortable. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when they assured me to “leave it all to them”. Still, that is what I did and I couldn’t have made a better choice!! As I lost sleep and basically worried over nothing, the Flaherty defense team cleared my name. I was so elated when they told me the news that my case was dismissed that I actually hugged Mr. Flaherty! The results they achieved were beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves caught by the law. Talk to Mr. Flaherty. You will thank me later.

I can’t thank you enough for all your film has done for me. My mind was at ease the moment I walked in and I somehow knew I was in good hands. And the work you are still doing for me leaves me speechless. I cannot thank you all enough for the care you have showed me and continue to show. I have no words to express my gratitude.

I never thought the day would come when I would have to actually hire a lawyer, so I was rather confused as what to do. When I came into Flaherty Law Firm, everybody was very friendly and very eager to answer any of my questions and concerns. Never once did they talk down to me or treat me like a criminal. I could call or email anytime and they were always quick to get back in touch with an answer. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone.

Being the model citizen, I still find it shocking that I required your services not once but twice!! Thanks to your hard work and professionalism, I have managed to learn my lessons and still keep the good reputation I have worked so hard to achieve!The first time I required your services was over a year ago, and I was terrified by the possible outcomes that could have been personally and professionally devastating to me. Thanks to your finesse, legal knowledge, and people skills, I was able to walk away from that nasty situation unharmed (but wiser). During the months we worked together, I found myself grateful that all this happened because I enjoyed my time with you! You helped me see the situation from a different perspective which lightened my spirit and increased my overall sense of well-being.Just recently, your services came in handy on behalf of my brother. He is also a law abiding citizen who made a mistake. Once again, we simply followed your advice, showed up at court, and walked away free!!

Thank you again and remember my motto…Flaherty Defense is worth every penny!!

I highly recommend the Flaherty Defense Team.  Words cannot express how very grateful I am to Mr. Flaherty, Brandy and the whole staff. I never thought I would need a defense attorney but I was very fortunate to be represented by this group of legal professionals. They care about their clients. They were sympathetic to my situation, easy to talk to and genuine. You will not find a better or more trustworthy attorney than Tim Flaherty. He does what he says he’ll do. The fees are upfront. Brandy Merrifield was a wonderful paralegal and extremely helpful anytime I had a question. If you have a legal issue, do not hesitate chose Tim Flaherty.

Flaherty Defense Firm Saved My Life!I recently was charged with several felonies and had no clue what I was going to do next. Before I met with Tim Flaherty, I was terrified about what was going to happen at my next court date, which was only days away. After talking to Mr. Flaherty, my stress level greatly decreased. He answered all of my questions and me get through this crazy ordeal. My main concern was staying out of jail since I have a family to take care of. Flaherty Defense Firm went right to work on my case and had it resolved within a month. I was more than happy with the result and thanks to then, I don’t have a felony conviction on my record. Not only were the attorneys amazing, but their assistants Brandy and Brittni really went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. They always took my phone calls and addressed any concerns I had. I would be a mess without all of them! Thank you for everything!

Thank you and everyone at the Flaherty Defense Firm for all of your hard work and dedication in my case. You have all done more for me than you will ever know. I don’t have the words to express all my gratitude. Thanks.

Thank you for your service on my case. I am glad the sealing is concluded. I will call you in ten years to help with the formal expungement….My involvement with your organization has been a very good experience.

There are not enough words to express my most sincere gratitude to you all. Had it not been for each and every one of you, I would not be at home writing to you. Your knowledge and persistence brought about an unexpected verdict, and I regained my freedom.During the past several months, my husband and I were always treated with dignity and compassion by you and your staff. I never once felt that I was being looked upon as a criminal. With every visit to your office, we were made to feel comfortable. The kindness that was shown made these months more bearable. You and your staff have put up my rants, raves, tears, and incessant emails, and were always calm and informative when responding to me.During our meetings, you were always upfront and honest with me. You never sugar-coated anything and I really appreciate that. I was told from the beginning to prepare for the worst because my case was not going to be easy. I was also told of the possibility that things may be decided in my favor. I trusted your judgment in every way. I was always provided with the truth, and because of that I felt stronger and better prepared for my sentencing date.

Your expertise and the support of your staff really came through in court. You were ready and prepared for anything.

You had already gained my full confidence at my first meeting. I am forever grateful to the person who recommended that I retain you firm. I have not been disappointed. All of you knew how afraid I was from the beginning, and the compassion that I was shown really helped me through this whole ordeal.

When the judge handed down his sentencing, I have to say that I was shocked. From what I hear I was not the only stunned person in that courtroom. I never expected to walk out of there. Nothing could have prepared me or my husband for what we witnessed in that courtroom. I watched the four kindhearted people from your firm turn in to voracious wolverines. You guys were prepared for every negative issue that was mentions, and you stopped them cold. There is so much more that I could say, but space does not permit it. You have renewed my faith in God because he surely guided you in your handling of my case.

I pray that I will never personally need an attorney again; however, it will be an honor to recommend your firm to anyone needing representation and guidance.

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