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What am I facing for felony possession of a controlled substance?

Before we talk about that charge, let me say one thing: at Flaherty Defense Firm, we don’t represent snitches. So if your plan for getting out of this is to get other people in trouble, call somebody else because we’re not going to help you get other people in trouble.

As far as possession of controlled substance goes, most of the time, it’s going to be a 3rd degree felony, which means that the maximum penalty is five years in prison. Now, you may hear that and panic and think your life is over and you’re going to prison, but let me say something about that. A lot of attorneys will try to scare you into hiring them by saying that you’re going to go to prison for a felony possession of a controlled substance charge, and that’s nonsense. 99.9% of the time, if you don’t have a significant criminal history, you are not facing a DOC or prison sentence for simple possession. Now, if the accusation is that you sold drugs, or that you trafficked over a certain amount, that’s a whole different story. But if the crime that you are charged with is simple possession, most likely, you are not looking at a prison sentence.

The most likely sentence that you would be looking at would be either probation, pretrial diversion, or a reduction in the charge to a misdemeanor. We have used all three of those options to help clients in the past avoid felony convictions and stay out of jail. When you’re ready to get the help that you need, call Flaherty Defense Firm.

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