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What should I do if I’ve been charged with domestic violence?

A lot of times when someone calls us about a domestic violence case, it’s actually the victim that calls. That may be surprising, but here’s what usually happens: if a husband and wife or a boyfriend and girlfriend are having an argument, somebody may call the police just to have the police come and “calm the situation down.” What they don’t realize is that if the police are called and they show up to the scene of a domestic dispute, somebody’s going to jail. Somebody is getting arrested, and usually that comes as quite a shock to both parties involved.

The good news, though, is that being arrested does not mean that you’re going to be convicted. The prosecutor still has to decide whether or not to file charges and whether or not they can prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal court. My job is to talk to the alleged victim, get a statement from them to find out 1) do they want to press charges and move forward, and 2) what is their side of the story?

If we can poke enough holes and raise enough doubt about the prosecution’s case, a lot of times, they’ll dismiss the charge before it ever even goes to court. But if the prosecutor is not willing to be reasonable and do the right thing, rest assured that we’ll be ready and prepared to go to trial from day one of your case to make sure that you’re not convicted of domestic violence.

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