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I don’t care what you’re accused of doing. You are a human being and you deserve to have someone in your corner who will fight for you. I will not judge you; I’ll defend you. - Tim Flaherty

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Well the first thing is, we understand that when someone gets arrested, they’re nervous. They’ve just gone through a very stressful, traumatic experience. So the first thing we want to do is try to bring down your stress level so that you can feel comfortable and get the help that you need.

The first piece of advice that I would give you is that when you come in, bring your paperwork with you. A lot of times at that part of the process, we don’t have access to police reports or witness statements, so if you have any of that information, bring it with you. Then we can take a look at it and give you some advice right off the bat. So a lot of times, just getting a few answers in the very beginning can help lower that stress level, which again is one of our main goals.

Another question that clients will ask me sometimes is “how long should I expect the appointment to last?” and the answer to that is very simple: we’re going to take as much time as we need to get you the answers that you need. So if that means we can get done what we need to get done in 20 or 30 minutes, that’s fine, but I’ve also had meetings that have lasted two to three hours, and if we need to take that amount of time, we will. Again, the goal is to help you feel comfortable and to get you the answers that you need so that you can make good decisions about your case.

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