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Out of State Visitor Arrests in Destin

The Emerald Coast brings in tourists year-round as they seek the perfect beach retreat. However, visitors in Destin sometimes fail to realize that if they mistakenly fall into legal trouble while on vacation, they will be subject to Florida’s laws rather than their home state’s laws which they may be more familiar with. Criminal actions are charged differently in every state, and what may be tolerated in one state may not be legal in Florida. If you are accused of a criminal charge in Destin, legal repercussions will follow you regardless of how long you stay. If you leave any charge unresolved in Destin, you may be subject to severe legal consequences and possible extradition from the state you reside in.

At the Flaherty Defense Firm, our criminal defense attorney understands how overwhelming it may feel to face charges in an unfamiliar state. Fortunately, our legal team is prepared to guide you through the legal process and prevent you from further damages. Out of state visitors who have been arrested in Destin often raise concerns about having to make frequent trips back to Florida to deal with their criminal charges, but we will work with you to minimize the trips you have to make.

Our of State Visitor Arrests

Destin has rapidly become one of the largest college spring break destinations each year, and students from across the country come to experience what our area has to offer. In the event that legal trouble arises, Destin criminal defense lawyer Tim Flaherty is prepared to handle any cases involving:

Criminal charges can seriously affect an out-of-state visitor’s life even after they return home. To get out of this situation as unscathed as possible, we highly recommend seeking professional legal representation from a Destin criminal defense lawyer.

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If you have been arrested while on vacation in Destin, Flaherty Defense Firm is ready to defend you. Call us today at (850) 243-6097 and let us take care of this for you.

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