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Our job as bail bond and arrest warrant attorneys is not only to help people after they have been arrested but also to help them long before they're scheduled for court. In a lot of cases, we provide guidance, advice, and resources for clients who are under investigation or have a warrant out for their arrest.

My name is Tim Flaherty. Since 2001, I have been helping clients in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas resolve warrant and bond issues in their northwest Florida criminal cases. Criminal defense is the only area of law my partner Brandy Merrifield and I have ever practiced, so we understand the issues you're facing—and how to resolve them.

If you know there is a warrant out there hanging over your head, we can help relieve some of the stress right away. If you are afraid of getting arrested while you're with your family or at work, or if you live in another state and don't want to be extradited back to Florida, we can help.

Resolving Florida Arrest Warrant and Bail Bond Problems

If you were involved in an incident where charges might be filed against you, there is a good chance that there is an active warrant against you right now, or one is coming very soon. This means that even if you are stopped for a minor traffic violation, and even if it's in another state, you could be arrested and detained. There is a better way to avoid some of this stress. Just call us, and we will verify whether there is a warrant. More importantly, we will also verify whether there is a bond on the warrant.

What does this mean? Let's take a look at both issues: if there is a bond on the warrant and if there isn't a bond on the warrant:

  • Bond. This one is pretty simple. We can arrange for you to turn yourself in, do some paperwork, post bond, and you can walk out without spending one minute in jail. We will arrange for a bail bondsman to meet you and walk you through each step.
  • No bond. If there is no bond on the warrant, unfortunately, that means that you will have to spend the night in jail and see a judge in the morning for a hearing called First Appearance. We will be at the First Appearance hearing with you and will make the appropriate arguments to make sure you get a bond and can be released. In most cases, the first appearance judge will set a bond for you. In some cases, such as violations of probation or violent crimes, the first appearance judge may order that you be held with no bond. In that situation, you will have to wait until we can get you in front of the judge assigned to your case for a bond hearing.

We Can Recommend a Trusted Local Bail Bond Company

If you need to arrange bail, we can recommend a very good bail bond company in northwestern Florida. This company is very good at what they do, and they take care of our clients.

Recently, they helped us with an out-of-town client facing very serious charges. They met with our client, completed all of the paperwork, and then went with him to turn himself in and post bond. The whole process took about a half-hour, and the warrant was resolved. Our client was able to stop looking over his shoulder and worrying. Most importantly, because of our relationship with this company, our client was allowed to go back to their home state, pending the resolution of the case.

What You Should Know About Florida Warrants and Bail Bonds

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant, also referred to as a capias, may be issued against you if you were involved in an incident but weren't arrested right away. Typically, this happens when the police need to continue their investigation before making a decision about whether to file charges.

That brings up another issue. When the police are still investigating a case, often they will call the suspect and try to get them to give a statement. We do not recommend talking to the police about an open investigation without talking to us first.

Either way, if you think there is even a chance that there is a warrant against you, call us and get some peace of mind. The call is free, and we would be happy to check whether you have a warrant.

One final warning: Unless your attorney or the judge has excused you, a warrant will be issued against you if you don't appear at your court date. There is usually no bond with this type of warrant. If you missed a court hearing, contact us right away. We may be able to get the warrant recalled or get you back in front of the judge to explain your absence.

Bail Bonds

A person can get a bail bond if the judge who signed the arrest warrant approved it. Typically, you have to post 10% of the total amount with a bail bondsman. Paying this amount is a promise that you will appear on all of your court dates. Keep in mind, though, that if you also hire a criminal defense attorney, you won't have to appear in person for all of your court hearings. We can attend some of them for you, and this will satisfy your bond.

Need Help Getting a Loved one out of the Okaloosa County Jail?

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