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I am attorney Tim Flaherty. Over the past 12 years, I have defended thousands of people against criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. I focus 100 percent of my time and talents on criminal defense. I protect my clients’ rights with passion and purpose, always doing whatever it takes to get the best possible result in a case.

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Fort Walton Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges, even seemingly minor ones, have the potential to affect the rest of your life if you are convicted. Fortunately, however, the rest of your life need not be determined by the criminal charges you are facing. With an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense team at your side, you have a chance to resolve this difficult, uncertain time in your favor. As such, it’s essential for anyone facing criminal charges in the Fort Walton Beach area to retain legal representation as early as possible.

At Flaherty Defense Firm, our Fort Walton Beach criminal lawyers understand just how seriously criminal charges are taken in the state of Florida, and the devastating impact a criminal conviction can have on your life for years to come. As such, whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony offense, our Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyers will do everything they can to protect your future. Now, more than ever, the decisions you make will have a serious impact upon the rest of your life; our legal team can help you make informed legal decisions that could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.

What You Can Expect From Me

For most people, hiring an attorney is not something they’ve ever done before and may not ever need to do again. As such, you might not know what to expect from your attorney in the course of fighting your case. At Flaherty Defense Firm, we work very hard to ensure our clients understand all of their options and know what to expect from the process. We push to be as transparent with our clients as possible and are available 24/7.

If I take on your case, I will work passionately to defend you. I will use all available strategies to help you get the best possible outcome, including:

  • Suppressing illegally obtained evidence – Illegally obtained evidence cannot be legally admitted to the court, but that does not stop prosecutors from trying to get away with it.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors – Sometimes, a trial can be avoided altogether through negotiating with your accusers.
  • Selecting a sympathetic jury – Cases are often made or broken during jury selection. I will use my extensive experience to build a jury that will be more likely to have sympathy for your situation.
  • Investigating and analyzing the case thoroughly – What sets my firm apart from a public defender is my ability to control my caseload. This gives me the time to work on each case with the rigor and attention to detail it deserves, resulting in stronger outcomes for my clients.
  • Creating doubt in the prosecution’s argument – The prosecution will have a lot of resources at its disposal and will make a concerted effort to obtain a guilty verdict. I will point out flaws, inconsistencies, and irrelevancies in the case against you.
  • Believing in you – When you’re accused of a crime, it’s easy to feel alone and as though no one believes you. However, the accusation you’re facing must be proven and it’s up to the prosecution to do it. My job is to fight the charges on your behalf and I will do it until all options are exhausted.

Your case is too important to you to allow it to fall to an overworked public defender. Allow Flaherty Defense Firm to help you combat the accusations you are facing.

Military Arrests

Being arrested as a military service member can put your career in jeopardy. There are added stakes in cases of military arrests, so it is important to find a lawyer who understands these fine differences. Attorney Tim Flaherty has been fighting criminal accusations against armed forces members for more than a decade and is ready to defend our men and women in uniform against any criminal allegations. Flaherty Defense Firm offers a military discount and is available to call at (850) 243-6097 any time day or night.

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At Flaherty Defense Firm, our Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights throughout the legal process, regardless of whether you are a resident, local military personnel, or visitor to the Fort Walton Beach area. We know how seriously criminal charges are handled in the state of Florida, and we know how to defend against them. Learn more about what we are prepared to do for you by calling us today at (850) 243-6097.

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