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"I barely had to do anything, Mr. Flaherty and his staff took care of everything. Got me what I wanted and I highly recommend this firm."

- Charles Lilly

"Tim Flaherty took a scary situation and made it less so. Thanks, Tim!"

- Dominic Ruberti

"Y’all are doing a great job! (excerpt from client survey)"

"On behalf of my wife and our son Andrew, I want to thank you and your entire staff for helping us through this case. You helped us by spelling out the facts and possibilities of a serious situation my son put himself and our family into. I appreciate the lengths you went to. Although you […]"

"There’s really nothing to improve. You guys do an excellent job. (excerpt from client survey)"

"I am a retired veteran who got into some trouble due to PTSD and other issues. Flaherty defense firm helped me with my case and I’ve never been happier. Not only did they help with my case but at the end they got me off on early termination of probation in time to see my […]"

- Jose Tubbz

"Thank you so much for all your help. You were always so kind and professional, and always willing to help. You were a joy to talk with and I sincerely appreciate all you and Mr. Flaherty have done to help our family. I hope and pray we do not need to hire a defense attorney […]"

"The Flaherty Defense team is the best in town. I am retired military and could not have asked for a better law firm to defend me. They made me feel like my case was there number one priority. Brandy is very skilled, she went above and beyond for me with my case. Mr Flaherty is […]"

- Nick Clarke

"Tim and his staff are not only thorough and very timely , but are also very humble yet aggressive. Every thing in my case was taken care very quickly with diligence and complete professionalism but also with such gracious intent. Man to man he was so very respectful and kind. Now for a second time […]"

- Raymond Rivera

"After having an unfortunate family dispute that led to an unwanted arrest, I went to the Flaherty Defense Firm website to leave a message about our problem. I received a response very quickly and was able to speak to Mr. Flaherty the very next day. He and his team were very respectful and told us […]"

- Jake Whitney

"Flaherty Defense Firm Saved My Life!I recently was charged with several felonies and had no clue what I was going to do next. Before I met with Tim Flaherty, I was terrified about what was going to happen at my next court date, which was only days away. After talking to Mr. Flaherty, my stress […]"

"First let me start off by saying during any stressful situation we all want to feel at ease in in any way and that’s how Mr. Flaherty and his team made me feel. I highly recommend the Flaherty Defense Team, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for Mr. Flaherty, Brittni and the […]"

"I highly recommend the Flaherty Defense Team. Words cannot express how very grateful I am to Mr. Flaherty, Brandy and the whole staff. I never thought I would need a defense attorney but I was very fortunate to be represented by this group of legal professionals. They care about their clients. They were sympathetic to […]"

"I’ve lived in Northwest Florida for 17 years. Never did I expect to have to defend myself in a court of law. Well, that is where I found myself, wrongly accused, confused and feeling like there was no one to defend my side. I came across the phone number of Mr. Flaherty and his associates. […]"

"I believe I was well represented. There wasn’t a moment I felt being suckered into money not well spent. Every buck was worth the investment and to top it off not only did Flaherty’s Defense Firm work with me on payments but they took a large sum off the top after we came to our […]"

- Cris Lyttle

"I never thought the day would come when I would have to actually hire a lawyer, so I was rather confused as what to do. When I came into Flaherty Law Firm, everybody was very friendly and very eager to answer any of my questions and concerns. Never once did they talk down to me […]"

"Tim is very personable , thorough , gracious, aggressive and honest with you. As a parent I feel I can peacefully rest at night as he fights for mine. His staff is so thorough as well and even respond on weekends !!!! DEFINITELY recommended!!!"

- Connie Rivera

"Lets face it, everyone gets into trouble sooner or later, but if you do, Mr. Flaherty is the only lawyer in town for any military member. Brandy is awesome, her hard work and dedication, along with Mr. Flaherty’s expertise they were able to get to the bottom of things and get my life back on […]"

- Charlie Palocy

"I was a recent client and charged with multiple offenses to include 2 charges of Domestic Battery and 2 charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. I retained Mr. Flaherty as my defense lawyer and everything worked out in my favor. He has an excellent staff. Brandy, she is the best FYI! They worked hard to […]"

- Kimbery Griffin

"The Flaherty Firm is professional on all levels with my highest recommendation! They provide prompt, professional, and courteous legal services from initial visit, through the legal process, and provide amazing service after the case is settled. I highly recommend Mr Flaherty and his entire staff for solid legal advice that’s not sugar coated and more […]"

- Art Ziegler

"I can’t thank you enough for all your film has done for me. My mind was at ease the moment I walked in and I somehow knew I was in good hands. And the work you are still doing for me leaves me speechless. I cannot thank you all enough for the care you have […]"

"Thank you for your service on my case. I am glad the sealing is concluded. I will call you in ten years to help with the formal expungement….My involvement with your organization has been a very good experience."

"Having a loved one in legal trouble for the first time is a very frightening process, no matter how strong you might think you are. After pondering the pros/cons of a Public Defender, I decided that we needed to hire an attorney. Time was closing in on our court date and the Flaherty team came […]"

- Sam Hastings

"I recommend Flaherty Defense Firm to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal defense representation and especially for the first time! I was at a complete loss for what to do since I had never been in a situation like mine in the past and had never dealt with court or attorneys or anything […]"

- Tasha Weeks

"There are not enough words to express my most sincere gratitude to you all. Had it not been for each and every one of you, I would not be at home writing to you. Your knowledge and persistence brought about an unexpected verdict, and I regained my freedom.During the past several months, my husband and […]"

"I highly recommend Flaherty Defense Firm! Mr.Flaherty and his staff were very professional and very helpful throughout my entire ordeal. I’m very satisfied!"

- Brad Wiley

"Tim and his team are amazing at what they do! My VOP case was leaning towards a 2 year suspended sentence with a very small chance of me getting out of. They were very supportive, informative, and thorough every step of the way. Thanks to them I am able to continue completing my previous probation […]"

- Ericka Greenlee

"I was on a family vacation with my wife and kids and a few other families when a late night mishap had me in need of a lawyer! After several attempts at some fly by night lawyers, I was praying for the right person to come my way and Brittni from Flaherty Defense Firm answered […]"

"Great Service! They always had time for me. (excerpt from client survey)"

"To anybody who gets pulled over coming in to crestview and finds themselves in a legal jam. This happened to me a few months ago and it turned out I was pulled over for no real reason. Flaherty Defense firm went over my case and helped me deal with everything from getting a drivers permit […]"

- Alejandra Marquez

"I met with Mr. Flaherty and his assistant, Brandy, to defend my brother for a serious charge. Right away, I felt extremely confident in Mr. Flaherty’s experience. He was the first attorney I met with on the matter, and my family decided he was the one to take on the case for us. Mr. Flaherty […]"

- Ruthie Daniels

"3 months ago Words cannot express how grateful we are for Mr. Flaherty and his office staff. They work very hard for you, are very fast to respond to messages, and they do so with the highest professionalism. Hiring Mr. Flaherty to help us through our legal situation was the Best decision we ever made."

- Amber Warden

"I don’t usually write reviews. However I was so pleased with the level for professionalism as well as the fast turn around time that I felt compelled give their services 5 stars. I worked with Brandy, and Tim from the firm. He informed me of my options in a language that a non-attorney could understand. […]"

- Douglas Siedelmann

"I couldn’t ask for a better law firm. He fought for a better deal. (excerpt from client survey)"

"Excellent. (excerpt from client survey)"

"Being the model citizen, I still find it shocking that I required your services not once but twice!! Thanks to your hard work and professionalism, I have managed to learn my lessons and still keep the good reputation I have worked so hard to achieve!The first time I required your services was over a year […]"

"No complaints. Had the best service. (excerpt from client survey)"

"They mad me feel like we were his only clients. (excerpt from client survey)"

"Let me start by saying I made a mistake and was looking at a 5 year Felony sentence for my offense, It was the first time in my life where I was in real trouble and scared to death with all sort of questions. Mr Flaherty calmed me down with his professional staff and expertise […]"

- Kyle Hooks

"My calls were never left unreturned. (excerpt from client survey)"

"Awesome they were extremely professional and experts in my case,so I had confidence that we could win."

- Keif Gardner

"The Flaherty Defense Team represented me in my case. They explained in detail every option that I had, and what the possible outcomes would be. They were always willing to give me advice, always fair, and were completely honest about my entire case. From the first time I spoke to them on the phone to […]"

- Karen Green

"Thank you and everyone at the Flaherty Defense Firm for all of your hard work and dedication in my case. You have all done more for me than you will ever know. I don’t have the words to express all my gratitude. Thanks."

"Excellent law firm in NW Florida. I have retained Tim and his attentive staff on two separate occasions. Both cases were resolved with best possible outcome. This was due to Tim and his firms extensive contacts within the 1st Judicial Circuit and aggressive tactics resulting in full dismissals. His staff was quick to address my […]"

- Lenwood Stewart

Fort Walton Beach
Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Flaherty Defense Firm, we understand just how seriously criminal charges are taken in the state of Florida, and the devastating impact a criminal conviction can have on your life for years to come. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony offense, our Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyers will do everything they can to protect your future. Now, more than ever, the decisions you make will have a serious impact upon the rest of your life; our legal team can help you make informed legal decisions that could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.

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Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is the most important thing you can do after being arrested for a crime. See why Flaherty Defense Firm should be your first choice.

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Multiple Office
Flaherty Defense Firm has multiple office locations to make it convenient for you to reach us in Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, and Destin.
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Criminal Defense is the only area of law I have practiced since becoming an attorney in 2001.

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is an important decision, and you want to make sure you're choosing the right person for the job. Contact me, and I will go over your case with you. The consultation is free and confidential.

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Tim Flaherty

Tim Flaherty, Criminal Defense Attorney

I am attorney Tim Flaherty. Since 2001, I have defended thousands of people against criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. I focus 100 percent of my time and talents on criminal defense. I protect my clients’ rights with passion and purpose, always doing whatever it takes to get the best possible result in a case.

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Flaherty Defense Firm

If I take on your case, I will work passionately to defend you. I will use all available strategies to help you get the best possible outcome, including:

  • A thorough evaluation of the facts and evidence of the case
  • Questioning the police who arrested you
  • Challenge test results and scientific evidence (such as the Intoxilyzer)
  • Deposing witnesses to develop our theory of defense as well as exposing flaws in the State's case.
  • Obtaining pretrial diversion or record expungement

Military Arrests

Being arrested can put your military career at risk. Hiring an attorney who has the specific skills and experience needed to defend members of the armed services can make all the difference. READ MORE >

Vacation Arrests

Being arrested on vacation can be especially scary. I am a local attorney who has helped many people through the challenges that come with a vacation arrest. READ MORE >

Practice Areas

At Flaherty Defense Firm we focus 100% of our practice on criminal defense. Here is a sampling of the cases we defend and services we provide:

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