Prostitution GavelIn Florida, prostitution (selling sexual acts for money) is a second-degree misdemeanor. While this may seem like a minor offense, many additional charges may be added depending on the details of the incident. If you have been arrested for prostitution, it’s vital to speak with a Florida sex crimes attorney before you enter a plea.

Additional Offenses You Could Face After Being Charged with Prostitution in Florida

While it’s not impossible to overcome the arrest, penalties, and social stigma of a sex crime, any additional charges will complicate your defense. Depending on the circumstances, you could be asked to defend yourself against charges of:

  • Sexual tourism. You could be charged with sexual tourism if you solicited an underage prostitute while on vacation.
  • Lewd or lascivious conduct. Lewd or lascivious charges may be added for touching, fondling, or having sex with a minor.
  • Solicitation. Both a sex worker and a person paying for sex could be charged with solicitation for encouraging the other to commit a crime. If you met someone online and agreed to meet them for sexual purposes, you could be accused of soliciting a child for sex using a computer, even if you didn’t know they were a minor.
  • Transportation for illegal purposes. You might face additional charges if you transported a sex worker to a place where you knew prostitution would occur or if the sex act occurred in your car.
  • Profiting from prostitution. If you owned the building where illegal activities occurred or benefited financially from the transaction, the penalties against you may be more severe.

Speak to a Florida Sex Crime Attorney Now

A charge of prostitution is difficult enough to fight without the prosecutor adding more offenses to the charge sheet. A sex crime conviction will follow you for the rest of your life, severely restricting your ability to make a living or travel to certain places. Call Flaherty & Merrifield at 850-243-6096 for a free, confidential case evaluation and see how we can help protect your reputation and future.

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