juvenile defense attorneyYour kid screwed up. It happens. Heck, you probably screwed up a time or two as a kid yourself, right?

But this particular screw-up is a bigger deal than most because your child was arrested and then convicted of a juvenile offense. 

You are undoubtedly upset. In fact, you are probably upset with your child and for your child. You may be feeling anger and sadness and worry all at the same time. That’s only natural. All of those feelings are par for the course for parents even in the best of times. And this situation clearly does not measure up to the best of times.

That said, there may be a few other things to be worried about as well. That’s because there are potential consequences for the parents of juvenile offenders. 

Holding the Parents or Guardians Responsible for a Child's Crime

A court may well decide to hold a youthful offender’s parents or guardians responsible—at least in part—for the child’s crime. When this happens, the court has the discretion to order that the parent/guardian:

  • Pay restitution to cover the damage or loss which resulted from the child’s offense
  • Complete a period of community service if it is found that they did not make a good faith and diligent effort to prevent the child from committing the offense
  • Participate in family or other forms of professional counseling

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