JM was charged with Domestic Violence in Destin after an argument with his wife. JM was a pharmacist and he was very worried that a conviction for Domestic Violence would affect his licensure and his ability to support his family.

JM had never been in trouble before and certainly never thought he would need the services of a criminal defense attorney. He was upset and embarrassed about putting himself in the position he was in, and he needed my help.

The first thing to focus on was getting the No-Contact Order lifted so that he could communicate with his wife. I contacted JM’s wife and helped her complete a sworn affidavit that requested contact with her husband. She also requested that the charges be dropped.

I sent the sworn affidavit to the prosecutor with a message that this case needed to be dismissed or we would be taking it to trial. The prosecutor dismissed the case against JM. He was able to reunite with his wife. With my help, he was able to have the arrest for Domestic Violence expunged from his record so it wouldn’t affect his license.

I have helped hundreds of clients accused of Domestic Violence in Destin. I would be happy to put my experience to work for you.

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Case Dismissed