dui defense attorneyMy client was charged with DUI. Upon careful review of the facts, circumstances, and evidence, we decided with our client to set the case for trial. We continued our analysis of the case, including a thorough review of the video evidence showing our client’s performance on the field sobriety tests. He did not provide a breath test. Our client is active duty military and a lot was riding on the eventual outcome of the case.

At the final hearing before the trial, the State Attorney offered our client a reduction in the charge to Reckless Driving. We left the decision completely up to our client, and after a lot of thought and consideration, he decided to accept the “sure thing” of the reduced charge rather than take the risk of a trial. While we were confident in our chances at trial, we respected our client’s wishes, and accepted the reduced charge.

DUI defense attorneys reduce DUI charge to reckless driving for active military member.