Police officers have a tough job. Oftentimes, they are called to the scene of a domestic violence incident and they have to make split-second decisions about whether to arrest someone, and if so, which party to arrest. However, in a lot of the domestic violence cases in Okaloosa County lately, the police are not using any discretion or judgment at all. They get called to a scene, and they arrest the male.

MG’s case was one where a little bit of good judgment would have prevented this case from ever happening. MG was a retired Air Force Master Sgt. who lived with his wife. Their marriage was under a lot of stress as MG was embarking on a new career. After a heated verbal argument with his wife, she called the police and alleged that her husband had hit her, even though he hadn’t. When the police showed up, she tried to tell them that he hadn’t hit her, but they wouldn’t listen. MG was charged with Domestic Violence.

He Did the Smart Thing by Calling Us

MG was looking to me to correct this injustice. I knew how important it was to get the Prosecutor to take a hard look at the case so they could see that a mistake had been made. I started by meeting with MG’s wife and getting a sworn affidavit from her where she admitted that MG had not hit her. She also stated that she wanted the charges dismissed.

After setting the case for trial and showing up for the court date in Okaloosa County, I told the Prosecutor that they still had a chance to do the right thing and drop the case. To their credit, they did just that and dismissed all charges.

Because MG was starting a new career, I knew how important it was to make sure his case was handled properly. I also knew that it was critical to expunge the record of his arrest so it could not hurt him in his future career. As soon as the case was dismissed, I filed for the expungement.

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Case Dismissed