MC had two charges in Okaloosa County. He was charged with one count of Domestic Violence and one count of Domestic Violence Strangulation. The allegations centered around two separate incidents on different dates against his ex-girlfriend.

Because my client had a lengthy prior record involving crimes of violence, I knew from the start that the prosecutor would be hesitant to negotiate with me, and I knew they would definitely not want to dismiss either charge.

When MC met with me for the first time, I told him that our strategy would be to develop an alibi defense for both charges and set them both for trial. He agreed with this strategy, and while he was very worried, he told me he would put his trust in me to do the best I could with a very difficult set of facts.

We Began Building Our Case

Our client provided us with three alibi witnesses who were prepared to testify that he was with them the entire day the felony Strangulation supposedly took place. I gave their statements to the prosecutor. Their first response was a two-year prison offer.

Needless to say, that offer was rejected and I set both cases for trial. Within a couple of weeks, the misdemeanor case was dismissed so we focused on the felony. Depositions took place where I continued to poke holes in the State’s case. I told the Judge we were ready for trial.

Three days before the trial, the case was dismissed. My client was extremely happy and relieved. He was also very grateful that I continued to fight for him over several months. He also told me that before he hired me, he met with a public defender who told him he was going to prison and there was nothing that could be done.

Flaherty & Merrifield Fights for Every Client

I don’t ever guarantee final results for my clients. However, I do guarantee that I will never, ever tell a client to just accept a prison sentence without doing everything possible to achieve a better result.

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Case Dismissed