domestic violence defense attorneyIf you have been charged with domestic violence, you no doubt have plenty of worries on your mind. You are probably worried about your relationship with your family and your reputation in the community. You may also be worried about what impact a conviction might have on your ability to work in your chosen career. 

Worrying about your future employment is certainly a legitimate concern. Any criminal conviction can affect your career—and a domestic violence conviction can have some very specific impacts.

A Domestic Violence Charge Limits Your Career Options

If you are convicted on a domestic violence charge, the jobs you will be able to hold in the future will be significantly reduced. It's difficult to say for sure what the impact of a conviction will be, but you will probably have difficulty being hired for:

  • Any positions in which you represent your company to the media or to members of the general public
  • Any positions involving children, the elderly, or the disabled
  • Any positions that would require you to carry a gun, including jobs in law enforcement as well as military service
  • Any positions requiring ongoing professional licensure

In addition to these specific categories of employment, you may encounter firms with internal policies that allow them to disqualify any job candidate who has been convicted of domestic violence. 

Get an Expert Defense Attorney on Your Side

There is a lot on the line if you have been charged with domestic violence—including the many ways in which your career might be upended. You need to be sure that your attorney has the expertise and experience necessary to develop a robust, effective defense. High-quality representation can limit the impact of a domestic violence charge on your livelihood. 

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