Because we defend a lot of sex crime allegations, we understand that for anyone facing such a charge, they are in a crisis. It is vital to have someone at your side who has been there before. Someone who knows what moves to make, and how to develop and execute a strategy that gets results.

GA hired us after being arrested for 9 different sex crime allegations in Crestview including multiple counts of Sexual Battery. He was facing a life sentence in prison.

We immediately got to work reviewing the evidence, contacting witnesses favorable to our case, and taking depositions of all the State witnesses. At one of these depositions, I caught the alleged victim in a big lie under oath and the Prosecutor knew it. After the deposition, the Prosecutor and I discussed a possible plea deal. I knew that with GA being a government contractor, he couldn’t accept any deal that involved sexual offender registration or a felony conviction. And obviously, he wasn’t willing to accept any time in jail or prison.

We ended up negotiating a plea that led to the dismissal of all the sexually related charges. He was able to stay out of jail, off the sexual offender registry, and he did not receive a felony conviction.

GA made a very wise decision when he decided to hire Flaherty & Merrifield to defend him. If you are in a similar situation and are facing a sex crime prosecution, call me right away at (850) 243-6097.

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