Here in Okaloosa County, our community has the privilege of being surrounded by some of the nation’s largest military bases. With the population of military personnel so high, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who is ready to defend our military members who devote their lives to defending us.

Defending military members IS different. There are special considerations and complications that military members face when charged with Domestic Violence. Flaherty & Merrifield's Fort Walton Beach military domestic violence defense lawyers understand what’s at stake for you. Call (850) 243-6097 and we can help protect your career.

Why is a Domestic Violence Charge Different for Military Members?

While a domestic violence charge in Fort Walton Beach is serious for a civilian, the same charge for a military member is devastating. Not only do you have to face the challenges of civilian court, but you will also face serious repercussions that could cost you your career. A domestic violence charge will not be taken lightly by the prosecuting attorney or your commanding officers.

Potential Penalties of a Domestic Violence Conviction Include

  • Losing your right and ability to own or carry a firearm;
  • Losing your security clearance;
  • Separation from the military;
  • Losing your benefits; and
  • Jail time.

I was Arrested for Domestic Violence, Now What?

With the abundance of pressures and stress military members face, it is no surprise that most of the cases we see in Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa County involving military members are Domestic Violence. In 99% of cases, commanding officers find out about the arrest immediately and want you to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Any arrest of a military member can shed a negative light on the military as whole. For that reason, commanding officers can be very demanding about getting answers about your charge and what is going to happen in civilian court.

I understand the significance of taking charge and resolving your domestic violence case in a timely manner so that your career is not adversely affected. Call me at (850) 243-6097 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options and what I can do for you.

The Judge Issued a No Contact Order; I Don’t Know What To Do

The Judge does not know your situation. Most Judges fear allowing people to remain in contact in charges involving Domestic Violence. Because of this, Judges will almost always issue a No Contact Order at your first appearance. A No Contact Order creates a huge hardship for you, as well as the rest of your family.

That is why I will make it my first priority to get that Order changed.

I can help you with getting a no contact order lifted so you can return home and have contact with your significant other. If you violate this order, you will land back in jail until the resolution of your case. I will work with your spouse, fiancé, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone else necessary to get the Order dropped, or changed to no violent contact. Let me help get you home.

What Can Your Firm Do For Me?

My approach is very simple: force the prosecutor to “put up or shut up.” I prepare every case to go to trial and don’t back down when defending you. The best possible options for resolution of your Fort Walton Beach domestic violence charge are either a dismissal of the charges or a referral to Pretrial Diversion. Pretrial Diversion is an agreement that guarantees a full dismissal of your case if the agreed-upon conditions are met.

Have You Been Arrested For Domestic Violence in Florida?

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