Charged With a Theft Crime? We Don't Judge, We Defend

You have rights, and you are innocent until proven guilty. We will advise you on your charges, what penalties you are facing, what options we have to successfully resolve your case, and what to expect from the legal system. A criminal record that brands you as a thief will follow you for the rest of your life. You need a criminal defense attorney you can rely on to protect your future. My partner Brandy Merrifield and I are ready to assist you.

What You Need to Know About Florida Theft Crimes

Defending local Fort Walton Beach-area residents, out-of-town visitors, and military personnel since 2001, Flaherty & Merrifield is ready to defend you if you are facing any of the following:

If you've been accused of theft, the legal process can be confusing and intimidating. If you don't defend yourself in court, you could face serious penalties—including jail or prison time or a permanent conviction on your record. Don't let this happen to you. Contact a qualified Fort Walton Beach theft defense attorney right away if you've been charged with a theft crime.

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