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Can you help me if I have been charged with burglary?

We’d be glad to help you if you’ve been charged with burglary.

I think it’s helpful to point out the difference between burglary and trespass, because that’s a question that clients ask us about quite a bit. Trespass is when you go onto someone’s property without their permission. Burglary is when you go onto someone’s property with the intent to commit a crime on that property. So if you walk onto your neighbor’s yard, that could be trespass. If you go onto your neighbor’s property with the intent to steal out of their garage or their shed, that’s burglary.

There are three types of burglary under Florida law: burglary of a conveyance, burglary of a structure, and burglary of a dwelling. All of them are felony, and the penalty ranges from five years up to, potentially, a life sentence in prison. If there’s an allegation that you were armed while committing the burglary or became armed, it is punishable by a life sentence. Either way, you’re facing a very serious felony charge with the potential for a prison sentence and a permanent felony conviction on your record.

We have a track record of success defending clients accused of of burglary. We’ve had success referring clients to Pretrial Diversion, which resulted in charges being dismissed. We’ve resolved burglary cases with a probationary sentence. We’ve had clients resolve their case with a reduced plea to a misdemeanor.

Our number one goal any time we have a client charged with a felony is to avoid a prison sentence. The next most important goal is to make sure they’re not convicted of a felony. We have options available and the experience to know what to do to give you the best possible chance of avoiding a felony conviction. If you’ve been charged with burglary, give Flaherty Defense Firm a call and let us help.

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