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What is a record seal or expungement?

My favorite part of my job is when we’re able to get a charge dismissed for a client, wipe the slate clean, and give them a fresh start. One of the ways that we do that is with a record expungement or record seal.

With a record seal, we’re able to seal the record so that people can see that you did have an arrest, but they can’t see what it was for. And then, after a certain period of time, you can apply to have the seal convert to an expungement.

With a record expungement, the arrest itself is actually removed from the public record, so no one can even see that you were arrested, so that’s obviously the better option, but the problem is that we’re fairly limited on what we can expunge and what we can’t. Basically, in the state of Florida, you have to have a charge dismissed in order to have it expunged. So, if you go to trial and you win, that does not count as a dismissal and it cannot be expunged. But, if you get your charge dismissed or you complete a pretrial diversion program, that does count and can be expunged.

I’m very happy and proud to say that with any client that is eligible for a record seal or expungement, we include that free of charge in the fee that you pay us and in the scope of our representation, because any time I have a chance to give a client a clean slate and a fresh start, we’re going to do that for you and we’re glad to do it. So, if you want to talk some more about a record seal or a record expungement, give us a call and we’d be glad to help.

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