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What should I do if the police want to question me?

So we get this question a lot from people that have been contacted by law enforcement, or maybe they’ve heard from family or friends that someone has made an allegation against them and they’re expecting to be contacted by the police. Obviously, that’s a very stressful thing to know that the police are investigating you or that someone’s accusing you of doing something, whether you did it or not.

By the time the police knock on your door or call you, please understand that they already think that you’re guilty. They’ve already talked to the alleged victim or the complaining witness. They’ve already decided that they believe that person, and they’ve also already decided that they think you did it. The police are trained to manipulate you, trick you, they’re allowed to lie to you, they’re allowed to do just about anything to get you to incriminate yourself, again, regardless of whether you’re guilty or innocent.

The number one thing you can do to protect yourself is to politely and respectfully tell them “I’m not going to talk to you without my attorney present.” Then pick up the phone and call me, and lets talk about what’s going on. Lets talk about what the allegation is and whether or not it makes sense to go and talk to the police with me there with you, or whether it makes more sense for us to simply tell the officer “We’re not going to make our client available for questioning.” But either way, don’t do their job for them. Give me a call and let us help.

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