Florida Association of Criminal Defense LawyersFlaherty & Merrifield Criminal Defense is pleased to announce that attorneys Tim Flaherty and Brandy Merrifield have assumed leadership roles in the Okaloosa-Walton County Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. They will serve in their positions until July 2022.

Flaherty is currently serving as the chapter president. He has been involved in the organization since 2004. “Brandy and I agreed it was important to update the bylaws and collectively reinvigorate the organization,” he said. “I also believe our involvement with FACDL will help ensure that our clients are treated fairly in this process by advocating for criminal defense attorneys to have a seat at the table.”

Merrifield is currently serving as the chapter secretary. She has been involved in the organization since 2019. “Assuming leadership roles in the FACDL is a way for us to affect change and stay up to date on case law,” she said. “Members have been champions for the Innocence Project and actively involved in efforts to address some of the many issues faced by incarcerated people in our state.” 

The FACDL is a non-profit organization created to promote a unified voice of an inclusive criminal defense community and promote excellence in the practice of criminal law. They lobby for legislation to protect the rights of accused individuals, campaign against efforts to pass mandatory sentencing requirements that eliminate judicial discretion, and organize events to further the education of the criminal defense community. The FACDL is the only statewide organization in Florida dedicated solely to the criminal defense attorney.

For more information about the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, visit www.facdl.org. For more information about Flaherty & Merrifield Criminal Defense, contact us online or call (850) 243-6097.

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