We have all seen the crime-based TV shows where there are multiple cameras and law enforcement is able to “catch the bad guy” with the use of technology. This level of high tech crime fighting has now landed itself on the streets of Okaloosa County.

Okaloosa County Sherriff’s deputies are now equipped with body cameras that record everything that the officers see or hear. The camera is mounted on their chest and records all audio and visual data from the officer’s perspective. This can be a great tool to help keep the officer safe. However, it is also a recorded digital record of your interaction with law enforcement. We address a few common questions about police body cameras:

  • What does this mean for residents of Okaloosa County? It means every interaction you may have with law enforcement comes with a digital record. Everything you say and do is now being recorded without your knowledge.
  • Can I fight to have the digital evidence removed or ask the officer to turn it off? No. Law enforcement is allowed to use any digital means necessary to track their contact with civilians. The basis for these cameras is for officer safety and as such will continue to be used as spy cameras.
  • If I can’t stop it, what are my options? Even though you can’t stop them from videotaping your interaction, knowledge is power. Knowing this gives you the ability to present yourself in a positive light for possible future use in court. It can also work against the officer if their treatment of you is anything less than professional. Either way, I will subpoena and analyze any and all video evidence that may be available in your case.

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