"I met with Mr. Flaherty and his assistant, Brandy, to defend my brother for a serious charge. Right away, I felt extremely confident in Mr. Flaherty’s experience. He was the first attorney I met with on the matter, and my family decided he was the one to take on the case for us. Mr. Flaherty and Brandy were very attentive and more than willing to meet with my father and me; even making themselves available by phone or text, at any time. We were never left in the dark about the details of the case, good or bad. Mr. Flaherty was straight forward, direct, aggressive, and diligent in my brother’s defense. My family and I were faced with the possibility of my brother being sent to prison for 30 years. The facts of this case and circumstances were very complex. Mr. Flaherty and his assistant seemed to focus solely on my family's issue from the beginning, right down to the final trial date. Mr. Flaherty’s performance in the courtroom was nothing short of amazing. He was thorough, aggressive, and in cross-examination, he didn’t miss a beat. I believe that the characteristics that make a good attorney is concern for the clients best interest, diligence & aggression, knowledge of the law and procedures, and determination in any case brought to their attention. Mr. Timothy Flaherty and Brandy definitely fit the criteria."

Ruthie Daniels