burglary defense attorneyBurglary with Battery in Okaloosa County and throughout Florida is defined as a burglary where the suspect, in the course of committing the offense, commits a battery against any person.

How serious is Burglary With Battery?

Burglary with Battery is a First Degree felony punishable by LIFE in prison. It is a level 8 offense under the Sentencing Guidelines, which means that it scores 34.5 months as a minimum mandatory prison sentence if convicted as charged.

For charges as serious as Burglary with Battery, you need a local criminal defense attorney with expertise in defending Burglary cases in Okaloosa County. Here at Flaherty & Merrifield, we have the experience and reputation that gets results for my clients. We’ve been earning that reputation one case at a time right here in Okaloosa County since 2001 and we're ready to dedicate ourselves to your defense.

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