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What happens if I get caught driving after a DUI suspension in Okaloosa County?

If you were convicted of a DUI in Okaloosa County, or anywhere in Florida, your driving privileges were most likely suspended for at least 6 months, up to a lifetime revocation. If you are caught driving while serving a DUI suspension, you will be charged with Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR), in violation… Read More

How to Communicate with an Okaloosa County Inmate

There is nothing more frustrating than having a loved one incarcerated and not being able to communicate with them.  If you are local you can visit your loved one based on a stringent schedule established by the jail.  You will be given specific days and times to visit with no liberty to modify.  If the… Read More

Arrested on Spring Break in Destin, Okaloosa, or Walton County

Welcome to the Emerald Coast, notably the world’s whitest beaches and the premier spot for Spring Break 2016. While you enjoy some downtime from academic stress, our area offers a wide array of fun in the sun.  You will likely leave with many memories and a sunburn, however, make sure you don’t leave for home… Read More

What is First Appearance in Okaloosa County?

Under Florida law, when someone is arrested or picked up on a warrant, they must be seen by a Judge within 24 hours. This hearing is called First Appearance. What happens at First Appearance in Okaloosa County? Basically, at First Appearance, the Judge will decide whether to release someone on bond or hold them in… Read More

How Do I Post a Bond in Okaloosa County?

In one of our previous posts, Getting a Bond in Okaloosa County, we discussed how bond decisions are made and explained what happens at First Appearance and at Bond Hearings. This post will explain the different types of bonds and how they are paid once the bond is set. What are the different ways a… Read More

Okaloosa County Sex Offense Dismissed

I’ve been practicing as a criminal defense lawyer in Okaloosa County since 2001. You would think that after that long, I’d have seen it all. Let’s just say that this case presented some unique challenges. JH hired me after being arrested for sexually exposing himself on the side of the road. At the time we were… Read More

DUI Reduced in Fort Walton Beach for Military Member

LW was a military member who was charged with DUI in Fort Walton Beach. Due to his high profile status, he was told by his unit that if he was convicted of DUI, his career in the military would likely be over. On the surface, it looked like LW had a weak case. He had… Read More

Battery Charge in Destin Dismissed

M.H. was a young man who got arrested on vacation in Destin with a group of friends. On the night he was arrested, he and his group went to a local bar and when they returned to their condo, a fight broke out and the police were called. Our client was the only one arrested…. Read More

Battery on Law Enforcement Charge in Destin Reduced

DC was charged with Battery on Law Enforcement after an altercation outside a bar in Destin. She had never been in any trouble with the law before, so needless to say, she was terrified. She also had a lot to lose. She was the manager of a retail store at the Sandestin Outlet Mall, and… Read More

Getting a Bond in Okaloosa County

If you have a family member, loved one, or friend who is currently in jail in Okaloosa County, we understand that your first two priorities are getting them released from jail as soon as possible and securing the best criminal defense attorney you can find. In most circumstances, a person is legally entitled to a… Read More

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