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As some of the most stigmatized criminal offenses in our culture, sex crimes, or allegations of sexual assault, can be life-altering events. The immediate consequences of a conviction for these offenses can be severe—most offenses carry mandatory minimum prison sentences—and the long-term consequences of having to register as a sex offender can cause problems for years to come. As such, if you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Fort Walton Beach, you cannot afford to take chances with your defense. You need a committed, experienced attorney who knows how to effectively fight these charges.

The Fort Walton Beach sex crime defense attorneys at Flaherty Defense Firm are committed to protecting the rights of anyone accused of committing a sex crime; we will work with you to challenge every aspect of your case. With over a decade of experience defending and winning sex crimes cases, Tim Flaherty understands what moves to make and when to make them, and is ready to put this understanding to work for you.

Our Sex Crime Practice Areas

While allegations of any sex offense carry a whole range of potentially devastating consequences, some are certainly worse than others and can follow you for the rest of your life. At Flaherty Defense Firm, our team is committed to protecting our clients who have been accused of the following:

Misdemeanor Sex Offenses in Fort Walton Beach

Felony Sex Offenses in Fort Walton Beach

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, it is easy to feel like law enforcement and the prosecution has already found you guilty; however, it is important to remember that with the right criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to have these charges either reduced, dismissed, or won at trial.

Exaggerated or False Claims

Unfortunately, in most sexual assault allegations, the majority of the evidence is the word of the accuser against the word of the accused, and because of the stigma surrounding sex crimes, juries tend to be especially sympathetic to the testimony of accusers. In many cases, this testimony is significantly exaggerated, if not altogether false. Such problematic testimonies often occur for a number of reasons. In some instances, alleged victims misremember events as they actually happen, they may want to punish the accused, or they are looking to evade responsibility for something that they regret. Fortunately for our clients, our team knows what it takes to identify and address factual inaccuracies in the prosecution’s argument, making sure that the judge and jury hear your side of the story and rule fairly in your case.

Registering as a Sex Offender in Fort Walton Beach

In addition to any other court-ordered penalties you might face if you are convicted, Florida, like other states, requires individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses to register as a sex offender. This information is freely available to the public, and can have devastating effects on your personal life, your family relationships, and your employment opportunities. Additionally, Fla. Stat. § 775.215 places restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live, making it extremely important for anyone facing sex crimes charges of any kind to seek experienced, aggressive legal representation as quickly as possible.

If you move to Fort Walton Beach from another state, and you have a sex crime conviction on your record, you are required to register with local law enforcement. According to state law, if you have been convicted of a sex crime outside the state of Florida, you have 48 hours to register with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office once you arrive in the area. Failure to register as a sex offender is a felony offense, and can be punished by up to five years in prison.

Sentencing for Sex Crimes Convictions

As in other parts of the country, law enforcement in and around Fort Walton Beach takes sex crimes accusations extremely seriously, and those who are charged with these offenses face extremely serious penalties if they are convicted. Individuals face the following penalties for a sex crimes conviction in the state of Florida:

  • Capital sexual battery – life in prison
  • Life felony – life in prison, with a minimum 40 year sentence, and up to $15,000 in fines
  • First degree felony – prison terms up to 30 years, and up to $10,000 in fines
  • Second degree felony – prison terms up to 15 years, and up to $10,000 in fines
  • Third degree felony – prison terms up to 5 years, and up to $5,000 in fines
  • First degree misdemeanor – jail terms up to one year, and up to $1,000 in fines
  • Second degree misdemeanor – jail terms up to 60 days, and up to $500 in fines

Consult with a Fort Walton Beach Sex Crime Defense Attorney

If you are under investigation, or you have been already been charged with a sex crime in Fort Walton Beach or Okaloosa County, Flaherty Defense Firm can help. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (850) 243-6097. The call is free and confidential.

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