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Bail Bonds and Arrest Warrants in Crestview

If you have not yet been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, but you have reason to believe that you could be arrested, the most effective defense starts right now. My job is to represent you as effectively as possible, which usually means getting started on your case as soon as I can, including to help with arrest warrants and bail bonds.

At Flaherty Defense Firm, the sooner we can get to work on your case, the better. If you know of an arrest warrant issued for you, or if you suspect that there is a warrant out for your arrest, our team is ready to help. Call us as soon as you can to maximize your chances of securing a successful resolution with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Helping Clients with Arrest Warrants and Bail Bonds

If you suspect that there is a warrant out for your arrest, you are likely dealing with some significant stress and anxiety. At Flaherty Defense Firm, we want to help relieve some of the stress you are experiencing and help provide you with peace of mind. First, we can find out if there is, in fact, a warrant out for your arrest. If there is, we will find out if there is a bond on that warrant. If there is a bond on the warrant, we can make arrangements for you to turn yourself in, post bond, and you will be able to walk away after a small amount of paperwork without having to serve any jail time.

If you have a bond approved, you will have to pay 10% of your set bail amount as collateral to let the authorities know you intend to show up for all of your scheduled court dates. The good news is that you will not have to show up in person for each of these court dates — I can show up on your behalf for many of these appointments and still satisfy the requirements of your bond. Additionally, because I help a number of clients in Okaloosa County with their bail bonds, I can recommend a good, fast, and reliable bail bond company.

Get Help with an Arrest Warrant and/or Bail Bond in Crestview Today

If you suspect that there is a warrant out for your arrest, you should not spend any more time worrying about how this situation will play out or what the future holds for you. At Flaherty Defense Firm, we have experience helping people in situations just like yours take active steps to protect their freedom. Call (850) 398-8098 today for the help that you need.

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