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Possession of Cocaine Defense in Destin, Florida

I need to say something before you read any further. My firm does not represent snitches. If you are working with the police, or you think you might want to do that, I am not the attorney for you.

With Destin being known as a favorite tourist party stop, it is all too common for vacationers and locals alike to find themselves on the wrong side of law enforcement due to drugs. With the heightened level of tourists in the area, local law enforcement agencies try to make as many arrests as they can to keep Destin drug free. If you were vacationing here, or are a local, and were arrested for Possession of Cocaine, your first step should be to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights and your future.

If you have been arrested in Destin for Possession of Cocaine, you have come to the right place. I’m Tim Flaherty. I’ve been defending drug cases in Destin and throughout Okaloosa County and Walton County since 2001. Give me a call at (850) 460-7470 and let me put my expertise to work for you.

What is Possession of Cocaine?

Possession of cocaine can be actual or constructive:

  • Actual possession refers to the cocaine being found on your person.
  • Constructive possession refers to cocaine being found in close proximity to your person.

Whether you have been charged with actual or constructive possession of cocaine, your first priority should be to contact a criminal defense attorney with the experience necessary to fight this charge.

What are the penalties in Destin for Possession of Cocaine?

Cocaine is listed as a Schedule II substance per Florida Statute 893.03. It is a third degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. In addition to fines and a potential prison sentence, a conviction for possession of cocaine could affect the following:

  • Ability to own or possess a firearm;
  • Ability to vote;
  • Termination from employment;
  • Financial aid and scholarship denial; and
  • Driver’s license suspension.

Are there defenses to possession of cocaine in Destin?

The first step in any drug arrest defense is to determine actual versus constructive possession and isolate whether or not law enforcement had the right to approach, detain and arrest. Too often, I see cases where someone has been wrongfully detained or searched by law enforcement. If I think there are valid legal issues, I will take the following steps:

  • Force the state to provide all evidence against you;
  • Compel law enforcement to justify their stop and search of your person or vehicle;
  • Take depositions of the police officers involved in your case;
  • If I believe that your rights have been violated, I will file a Motion to Suppress. If the judge grants the motion, your case will be dismissed.

Aggressive Drug Defense Working for You

My two main goals will be to keep you out of prison and make sure you don’t take a felony conviction. I have been defending possession of cocaine charges in Destin since 2001. I have the experience necessary to defend your case.

A Possession of Cocaine arrest is serious and can lead to lifelong consequences. Call Flaherty Defense Firm at (850) 460-7470 for a free consultation.

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