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Fort Walton Beach DUI Attorneys for Military Personnel

Aside from all the consequences that may be handed down from the Fort Walton Beach civilian courts, military personnel may face further disciplinary consequences from their particular branch of the military. In our experience, however, the military typically takes a back seat to the civilian courts, which means that you will have the chance to clear yourself of these charges before any of those long-term consequences ever come into effect. We will work with you to build a comprehensive legal strategy to protect your career and your future.

If you are serving in the military and have been arrested for a DUI in the Fort Walton Beach area, our legal team will challenge each and every aspect of your arrest in an effort to reduce or, ideally, eliminate your charges altogether.

Immediate Consequences of DUI Charges

While your branch of the military is likely to take a back seat to the Fort Walton Beach courts, every branch of the military is also likely to impose a number of sanctions against any service person charged with a DUI, including:

  • Loss of driving privileges on every military installment for 1 year
  • Enrollment in Alcohol and Drug Awareness Programs
  • Enrollment in Alcohol or Drug Treatment or Counseling
  • A Letter of Reprimand
  • Non-Deployment Status

Air Force servicemen and women who elect to enter into the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) program may dramatically improve his or her ability mitigate whatever sanctions the military purses, in addition to mitigate civilian charges.

Consult With a Fort Walton Beach DUI Attorney for Military Personnel

At Flaherty Defense Firm, our Fort Walton Beach DUI attorneys are committed to protecting the futures of the men and women who serve in our country’s military services; we will aggressively challenge every aspect of your case in the Fort Walton Beach courts and act as a strong advocate that can help reposition you in the good graces of the military. To discuss the particulars of your DUI arrest, call our Fort Walton Beach offices at (850) 243-6097 today.

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