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How Do I Post a Bond in Okaloosa County?

In one of our previous posts, Getting a Bond in Okaloosa County, we discussed how bond decisions are made and explained what happens at First Appearance and at Bond Hearings. This post will explain the different types of bonds and how they are paid once the bond is set.

What are the different ways a bond can be paid in Okaloosa County?

(1) Released on your own recognizance (ROR)

With this type of bond, the person is allowed to “sign themselves out” and their signature acts as a promise to appear in court. If the Judge set an ROR bond, you are not required to post any money in order to be released. However, if you do not appear for court, you could be held in jail without bond.

(2) Signature Bond

A family member or loved one is allowed to sign the person out of jail with the promise that you will appear for your court dates. In some cases, the family member must agree to a specific monetary amount that they will pay if you don’t show up for court.

(3) Cash Bond

The family member or loved one posts the entire amount of the bond in cash. This amount is held until the case is over. As long as you appear for your court dates, the cash bond is refunded. If any court costs or fines are imposed in your case, the Judge will apply the cash bond to those costs. If there is any of the cash bond amount remaining, the balance will be refunded to the depositor of the cash bond.

(4) Professional Bond

This is often used when the amount of the bond set is high. With a professional bond, a bail bondsman is hired to bond the person out of jail. In exchange for this service, the bondsman will require a percentage of the bond to be paid to him or her. The most common amount is 10%. This amount is not refundable.

Example:  If the person has a bond set at $10,000, the family member would give $1000.00 (10%) to the bail bondsman to get the person out of jail. The $1000.00 would not be refunded. As long as the person shows up for court, there wouldn’t be any more money due to the bondsman.

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Getting a Bond in Okaloosa County

If you have a family member, loved one, or friend who is currently in jail in Okaloosa County, we understand that your first two priorities are getting them released from jail as soon as possible and securing the best criminal defense attorney you can find.

In most circumstances, a person is legally entitled to a reasonable bond. The main exception to this is violations of probation or community control, where someone can be held with no bond.

How bond decisions are made in Okaloosa County

Is there a bond on the arrest warrant?

When someone has a warrant for their arrest, sometimes there will already be a bond on the warrant. If so, they can turn themselves in, post bond, and leave.

What if there was no bond on the warrant?

The person will need to spend at least one night in jail and see a judge for a hearing called “First Appearance.” This is where most bond decisions are made. The Judge will have a report from Pretrial Services that will recommend the appropriate bond, but it is still up to the Judge whether to issue a bond.

What if no bond was set at First Appearance?

The next step is to file a Motion To Set Bond. This will be scheduled for a hearing before the Judge who is assigned to the case. If you need a Motion to Set Bond filed for a loved one, it can take a couple of weeks to get on the Judge’s calendar, so call me as soon as possible.

The following is a partial list of statutory criteria that the Judge will consider:

  • The nature and circumstances of the offense charged
  • The weight of the evidence against the defendant
  • The defendant’s ties to the community and their financial resources
  • Whether the Defendant has ever failed to appear for court
  • Whether the Defendant poses a danger to the community
  • The source of funds and whether they are linked to criminal activities
  • Whether the Defendant is already on probation, community control, or parole

What if a bond WAS set at First Appearance but it is too high?

If your loved one had First Appearance in Okaloosa County and the bond was set too high, the next step is to file a Motion to Reduce Bond. Just like with a Motion to Set Bond, call me as soon as possible to get this process started because it can take a couple of weeks to get on the Judge’s docket for the Motion to Reduce Bond.

Need help getting a loved one out of the Okaloosa County Jail?

If someone you care about is in the Okaloosa County jail, Flaherty Defense Firm can help. Give me a call 24/7 at (850) 243-6097. I will look into their current bond status and talk with you about whether to file a Motion to Set Bond or a Motion to Reduce Bond. Either way, I’ll be glad to give you some answers.

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