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DUI Reduced in Fort Walton Beach for Military Member

LW was a military member who was charged with DUI in Fort Walton Beach. Due to his high profile status, he was told by his unit that if he was convicted of DUI, his career in the military would likely be over.

On the surface, it looked like LW had a weak case. He had agreed to take the breath test and the result was over 3 times the legal limit. He had also not done well on the field sobriety tests.

I subpoenaed the video evidence from the officer’s dashboard camera and found a few things to work with. I also reviewed all of the maintenance records for the Intoxilyzer 8000 that was used in the case. In short, I carefully reviewed and examined every piece of evidence in the case.

Even though the high breath alcohol reading worried me, I set the case for jury trial in Fort Walton Beach. Right before the trial, the Prosecutor approached me and asked if my client would consider a plea to a reduced charge of Reckless Driving.

LW gladly accepted the plea offer after being assured by his military command that it wouldn’t affect his military career since the plea was to a non-alcohol related charge.

If you entrust Flaherty Defense Firm with your defense, I will put 110% of my effort into saving your career. I will put my knowledge, expertise, and reputation to work for you.

If you have been charged with DUI in Fort Walton Beach and you’re in the military, give me a call today at (850) 243-6097 and see what I can do for you. The consultation is free.

Felony Child Abuse Dismissed in Fort Walton Beach

JA was charged with Child Abuse in Fort Walton Beach, a third degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Because he was in the military, he was facing the end of his career if he was convicted.

The charges stemmed from the use of corporal punishment (spanking) to discipline his son. Someone saw a bruise on the child at school and the police were called. DCF got involved and before JA could even process what was happening, he was thrown in jail.

After meeting with JA, it was clear that he was a good father who loved his kids, and a good soldier. He had no prior arrests on his record. His command had told him what would happen if he was convicted so I knew it was vital to secure a dismissal of all charges if possible.

Before meeting with the Prosecutor to discuss the case, I provided a file of mitigation. Fortunately, the Prosecutor was someone I had worked with before and I knew she would be fair and honest.

I was able to get JA into a diversion program that is called PTI in Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa County. This program ensures that the charges against someone will be dropped if the conditions are successfully completed.

JA got all of his requirements done and his case was dismissed. He was able to stay in the military.

When someone is facing felony charges, the stakes are high. With military members, it’s even more important to make sure there are no mistakes. Clients with a lot to lose hire me because they know they only have one chance to get it right. One chance to secure their freedom and their future.

If you have been charged with Child Abuse in Fort Walton Beach, Flaherty Defense Firm can help. Call me today at (850) 243-6097.

Destin Aggravated Battery Charge Dismissed For Military Member

SC was looking at the end of his military career when he was arrested for Aggravated Battery in Destin. Aggravated Battery is a second degree offense punishable by up to 15 years in prison. He was accused of committing Battery against his pregnant wife.

My website,, says that we are available 24/7. This case proves that this is not just a slogan. I actually mean it.

Here is what happened:

SC’s family called my office on a Saturday and talked to my paralegal, Brandy. They told her that SC was scheduled for a 1st appearance hearing before the Judge on Sunday morning at the courthouse. Brandy relayed the information to me and I called the family Saturday afternoon. After talking to SC’s parents, I agreed to take the case.

The first step I took was to let the police know right away that they were NOT permitted to question my client. I told them that he would not discuss the case with anyone except me and my staff.

Saturday night, I visited SC at the jail. I explained what to expect at the hearing the next morning and assured him I’d be there for him. That same night, I also met with my client’s wife, the alleged victim. I explained to her as well what to expect at the hearing.

Sunday morning, I appeared for the hearing. I was the only attorney there even though there were about 30 people on the docket. Some of them even had attorneys who didn’t bother to show up since it was the weekend (this is common).

I made a persuasive argument for a low bond. Despite the State’s argument to keep SC in jail, the Judge agreed with me and he was able to get out of jail.

Once he was out, I knew this would be a tough case to resolve. The alleged victim was pregnant, and she had suffered pretty severe injuries.

Fortunately for SC, My team and I have been defending serious felony cases for a long time. We know what we’re doing.

After months of hard work, SC’s case was eventually dismissed.

As I said before, advertising 24/7 access is not just a gimmick. It’s a benefit I offer to my clients and their families and it made a big difference in SC’s case. Without it, he would not have gotten out of jail at first appearance. And if he had settled for a public defender, he might have waited months for a bond hearing.

I was very happy to help SC get a second chance to reunite with his family, save his military career, and get his life back on track.

If you have been charged with Aggravated Battery in Destin, call Flaherty Defense Firm today at (850) 243-6097 and see what I can do to help you.

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